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What's Hard Water?

There is a lot of science when it comes down to what hard water is. Just to simplify it, hard water is that white or green debris that you see on your aerators at your faucets. When it comes to your home, these are the areas hard water likes to attack. 

  • ​Dishwasher: Excessive wear on the appliance and on dishes: dishes appear less clean with white hard water stain build ups.

  • Washer Machine: Excessive wear on the appliance and also damages the quality of the clothes.

  • Tub/Shower and faucets:  Excessive wear on the shower/faucet cartridges, which causes continuous leak dripping from the spout. also hard to clean soap scum and hard water stain build ups.

  • Toilets and Sewer Pipe: Over time your toilet doesn't flush as well, because of the jet hole getting clogged from hard water calcify lowering the quality of the flush. Also, hard water excessively put wear on the internals which can cause your toilet to run on its own.

  • Water Heaters and Water lines: Lowers heating and efficiency of your water heater. Filling water lines with hard water deposits lowering you flow rate to each unit.​

When you call Fabtastic water we will give more details of the negative effects hard water does to your home and your skin/hair.

Pictured below is a chart of the grain per gallon in the U.S. 10.5 gpg is considered extremely hard water.​ In San Antonio the average gpg is 18-24. 

U.S Hard Water Chart
Hard Water Calcium sitting at the bottom of water heater
Hard water obstructing water lines
Hard water clogging shower sprayer
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